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What Makes The Body Carpenter Massage Experience Different?

A little about my massage clinic in Coolum


My clinic is nestled amongst the trees and abundant bird life on the north side of Mount Coolum, Sunshine Coast. Often I will leave the clinic windows open to invite sounds of ruffling trees or chirping birds. This will help you relax and unwind from the daily stimulation that can be hard to escape.


There is ample parking for you and you won’t have to leave a busy shopping plaza once your treatment is over. There is nothing worse than finishing a blissful treatment and being in a busy parking lot or honking traffic.


I am continuously trying to improve my massage practice to better help my clients by staying current with best techniques in remedial, relaxation and sports massage. I use a variety of massage techniques, along with cupping and dry needling. I support primarily Australian companies in my clinic such as:

  • Athlegen massage bed for it’s comfort and quality
  • Hydro2Oil for cruelty free oil
  • Fisiocream made from plant ingredients for relief of aches and pains
  • Eco Modern Essential Oils for a variety of natural essential oils

Quality of Care:

I make an effort to give my patients time to explain their health history and expectations of treatment. I check in with temperature and pressure to ensure my patients are feeling taken care of. I often check in the next day to see how they reacted to treatment and offer necessary advice. I will recommend the appropriate amount of follow up visits to get the best result from treatment.

Thank you kindly for considering me as your massage practitioner on The Sunshine Coast.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Cache Carpenter

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