Release, Relax, Unwind with Massage


It is a gentle and effective technique that aims to restore movement, function and flexibility. It is used to promote blood flow to the area, improve circulation and help speed up the body’s healing processes.

Cupping is derived from ancient traditional Chinese medicine as a therapy used to relieve acute and chronic pain. It involves the placement of glass or plastic cups on the skin. A vacuum is created within the cup. The vacuum acts to gently lift the skin and underlying tissues, further breaking up links between the tissue layers that limit our flexibility.

It is common to have skin markings after the cups are removed, varying from red rings that disappear relatively quickly to discolouration from bruising if the cups are dragged while suction from one area to the next. The markings usually clear between 2-7 days. Usually treatments are gentle and not painful.

The Body Carpenter Massage uses a variety of cupping techniques such as stationary and moving glass cupping which greatly enhance many massage treatments. Cache Carpenter is highly training in these techniques and would love to answer any questions you have about your cupping treatment.