Release, Relax, Unwind with Massage

Rejuvenating Relaxation Massage on The Sunshine Coast

Do you want to get rid of stress? Do you need some time out for yourself? Relaxation massage therapy can do wonders to your life and health. Millions of people around the world rely on regular massage therapy to recharge their bodies, wind down and calm their mind. Relaxation massage has been practiced and perfected over the years and is known to keep illness at bay. At The Body Carpenter Massage Therapy, we are the most trusted clinic for relaxation massage on the Sunshine Coast and offer you the best experience with relaxation massage therapy. At The Body Carpenter Massage Therapy, we have expert massage therapist Cache Carpenter who specialize in relaxation massage treatments. We use a variety of Australian essential oils and Fisiocream during the treatment to achieve the best effects of the massage on your body and mind. Cache Carpenter can achieve remarkable results by incorporating the latest techniques combined with expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system.

What is Relaxation Massage Therapy?

Relaxation massage aims to target muscle relaxation and improve blood circulation. This is sought by individuals who want to unwind, reduce anxiety and get rid of stress from their daily lives. It will help your body recharge and be prepared for physically and mentally draining activities.

Relaxation massage therapy is a smooth and gentle flowing treatment that promotes relaxation, decreases muscular tension, and improves circulation. Various techniques such as flowing strokes and kneading are used with light to medium pressure. The body is encouraged into its parasympathetic “rest and digest” stage to give you that amazing “massage high” after your treatment. This is most commonly known as Swedish massage. It is the most popular relaxation massage technique.

Swedish massage is beneficial for those who may bruise easily or are unable to tolerate deeper pressure which is common with other massage therapies. Apart from physical relaxation, this massage therapy is also beneficial for your mental and emotional health often helping clients sleep better. It is known for calming the mind and settling the nervous system.

Explore some of the benefits below to learn why Relaxation Massage may be the best pick for you!

Relaxation massage is your key to health and wellness. A relaxation massage treatment at The Body Carpenter Massage Therapy will help you unwind, relax and sleep better. Our expert therapist, Cache Carpenter will discuss your goals from the massage and tailor the treatment to meet your expectations and needs. For booking appointments and other queries please fill out the form below and our team would get back to you soon.