Massage FAQs

Release, Relax, Unwind with Massage

Many new clients may be nervous when booking in their first massage appointment. At The Body Carpenter, I will make sure your experience is nothing but positive. I will greet you upon arrival and guide you to the studio so you know exactly where you are going.

If this is your initial visit, please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will give you time to get settled and start the massage promptly. If you are a returning customer please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  Please prioritize arriving on time as I will likely have subsequent bookings.

As a licensed massage therapist, I will review a detailed health history with you before providing any massage services. This step is important as it will help me better understand your needs and what areas to focus on for optimal relief. All information shared will be confidential. After a brief conversation, possible musculoskeletal assessments, I will welcome you to the treatment room. I will give you privacy to get ready for the massage.

If you have health insurance extras cover with any of the participating health funds, you may be eligible to claim back a portion of the cost of your massage treatments up to a certain amount per year. Please contact your health fund for details as to how much you can claim back. I will provide you with an invoice receipt and you may claim your rebate online or at your health provider branch. 

List of Providers:

Australian Health Management Group (AHM)
Australia Regional Health Group (ARHG) 
A.C.A Health Benefits Fund Budget Direct
CUA Health Limited
Defence Health (Remedial Only) Frank Health Insurance 
GMHBA (Remedial Only) HBF (Remedial Only) Healthcare Australia Healthcare Insurance 
Health Partners 
Hunter Health Insurance Latrobe Health Services Lysaght Peoplecare
Mildura District Hospital Fund myOwn Health (Remedial Only) Navy Health Fund
Nurses & Midwives Health Onemedifund
Peoplecare Health Insurance Phoenix Health Fund 
Police Health Fund
Queensland Country Health Ltd RACQ (Remedial Only)
Railway & Transport Health Fund Ltd Reserve Bank Health Society
St. Luke’s Health
Teachers Federation Health Teachers Union Health
Transport Health
Australian Unity 
Commonwealth Bank Health Society CBHS
Doctors Fund 
Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia (HCF)
Medibank Private 
AAMI Health Insurance 
APIA Health Insurance 
GU Health 
Qantas Health Insurance 

Dress down to your comfort level! Many regular clients prefer to be fully undressed with draping. This allows for a smoother release and better access to specific musculoskeletal areas. As a health professional, I will always practice industry guideline draping techniques. I till fold and tuck the towel or sheet around your body, only exposing areas to be worked on. If you feel more comfortable leaving your undergarments on, that is completely fine as I will continue to drape overtop.

I will pick up cue’s from you during your massage whether you want to engage in conversation or enjoy silence. I don’t expect you to make conversation during your massage. This time is for you and I encourage you to close your eyes, slow down your breathing and try to relax. Some people prefer to talk throughout their treatment and I am more than happy to engage if initiated by the client.

If your treatment is deep tissue massage or sports massage then I may ask for feedback regarding pressure. These treatments often work through deeper layers of muscle and I check in to make sure the client is comfortable.

Be sure to speak up during a massage if you:

  • Feel too hot or cold
  • Are in pain
  • Have any questions about the massage
  • Forgot to mention a health issue during the consultation

Being self-conscious should not keep you from seeking professional healthcare help. My studio is a space of no judgemental and full acceptance about whatever it is you are feeling conscious about.


Some concerns clients share with me are regarding:


-ugly feet

-back acne

-self-conscious about scars

-forgetting to shave


Please calm your mind and accept all the imperfections you may think you have because my only focus is to help you. You can request that I don’t work on certain areas. I am able to change my techniques to massage through clothing if you wish to remain dressed. No oils or creams will be used in this case.

Many people go into a massage during stressful periods in their life where they may be sleep-deprived. Touch can do amazing things to the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the body. You may fall asleep and this is extremely common. I will not judge you if you snore on the table. If there is any drool on your face or the table due to the position you have been placed, I will offer you a tissue.

Using the restroom prior to the massage begins would be preferred, but if you need to use the restroom during the massage, please let me know. Holding it in during the massage isn’t comfortable or conductive to relaxing.

There is a restroom upstairs, therefore I will give you privacy to get dressed and use the restroom. We will then resume the massage.

It is far better to pass gas throughout the massage (often a sign of relaxation) than to clench your gluteal muscles trying to hold it in during the treatment. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about as it a natural occurrence. If you are stressed or uncomfortable passing gas, you can always excuse yourself to go to the restroom or ask me to leave the room for a couple of minutes.

Communicate with me! Please let me know if you are sensitive to touch prior to the massage as I can adjust my touch/technique to diminish that sensation.

Massage therapy will assist with decreasing pain symptoms, however it may take several hours after your treatment for pain relief to kick-in. For chronic conditions and pain, additional sessions are needed to get rid of the pain cycle and muscular tension. I will create a treatment plan with you to ensure you’re on the road to recovery safetly.


Keep in mind.. when you join a gym and hope to get into better shape you don’t expect to reach your fitness goals within a single workout. Massage is similar as you often need multiple sessions to get relief.


If you are suffering from an injury or condition that I believe is beyond the scope of my practice, I will refer you to some great health professionals I work closely with for follow up. You are in good hands!

I look forward to meeting you. Please contact Cache at 0413-771-526 to make a booking or ask questions.